Do you use the same username in all PTC sites you join?

March 6, 2008 8:59am CST
I've been referral exchanging probably too much and I notice some people use different usernames under different PTC sites. I don't see why I should use different usernames. Isn't that gonna make things harder? It is hard enough trying to keep records of all the PTC sites I've joined. Then if you're so fussy, keeping a record of all different passwords is already a lot of work.. Reasons I can think of why people may do this: 1) They can't use their usual username because someone has taken it. 2) They get bored easily with usernames 3) They've signed up for that PTC site, creating multiple accounts! Am I correct? Am I missing something?
2 responses
• Singapore
6 Mar 08
Yes i do use same username for everything i joined no matter what it is. I will still be using the same username unless i am required to use my email. It's easier to remember using the same username. we don't need to re ask for password or username time and time again. such a waste of time. Unless you totally forgot then that i cannot say anything.
@babykeka80 (2003)
• United States
6 Mar 08
I personally wouldnt be able to keep track of a bunch of different names. I almost always use one of two names to sign up. I use different email addys for gpt programs but same user name on almost every site.