which would you prefer,to be born ugly or smart?

@dierdre (2213)
March 6, 2008 11:50am CST
i find that question hard to answer. seriously. its either the best of one aspect and the not so best of the other one. well, i would choose to be just a "tad" ugly but super smart! coz for sure with a higly developed brain,i can do almost anything, a quick learner, articulate speaker, and with a great brain you can never go wrong, never mind if you dont get to attract guys in school, be popular, etc.. those stuff wont even matter after you're done with school. ive realized that when you enter the "real world" after college, that's where it really counts.. the popular kids in school before dont get to achieve much as compared to the geeks who now have bettter jobs some even abroad.
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@paid2write (5202)
6 Mar 08
I was not born beautiful and I was not born smart but I think I became more intelligent as I grew older. I never wanted beauty and I think I realised early on that a good person can never really be perceived as 'ugly', and a person with ugly thoughts and ideas cannot be thought of as a beautiful person. I believe our physical appearance matters less than how we develop as people.