Do you have an iPod?

@cortjo73 (6500)
United States
March 6, 2008 2:15pm CST
I guess that would be the first question. Then, if so, did you get the iHome when it first came out? For those of you who don't know what the iHome is, it is a clock radio that you can dock your iPod on and listen to either the radio or the iPod with it. I got the iHome and, within a week, the volume knob started breaking. I would go to turn the radio up and it would turn down, then up up up but not loud enough before it started turning down again. And, it would do the same in the other direction when trying to turn it down. It progressively got worse to a point where it was really bad at six months and, just recently, after 2 years with it, I spent 3 minutes trying to turn the dang thing up and later that day, I spent another 3 minutes trying to turn it down. I finally went out and got a Sony clock radio with iPod port (or whatever you would call it). It doesn't have a spin knob but up and down buttons and works really well! I love it. If I'd have known that the iHome was going to be such a bust, I would have had the hubby replace it right away. It was a birthday present. It was something I could deal with at first. Just a minor inconvenience. But, by the time it got worse, it was too late to return and the receipt was gone. Did anyone else have this problem with their iHome?
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