School Security

United States
March 6, 2008 2:41pm CST
So we all know school security is a big issue in our country lately with all the school shootings that keep occuring. Just recently at my school a former student who got expelled for being violent, put on a school uniform(i go to catholic school) and came to school but luckily was caught a few hours into the day. If getting by security is that easy how can we ever really be safe. I mean i can hold my own but the thought of a student shooting up the school isnt a good one. Do you feel safe at school? What is the solution if any?
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• United States
7 Mar 08
Sadly schools really do not watch the students that come in and out of their school. In fact they really do not pay attention to anyone that comes in and out of school, especially not where I went to school anyway. No one really stepped in to remove anyone until someone caught on and happened to realize that they were hanging around.