MyLot Better Than A Psychologist?

United States
March 7, 2008 4:03am CST
Perhaps I'm strange for saying this, but to me, I'm the patient, MyLot is the couch and I'm stretched out on it and each one of you my dear friends is the Dr. with the notepad. How odd is it that I feel that MyLot is more therapy for me than speaking to any psychologist or counselor? So many times I have gone to talk to one when I was feeling depressed only to walk out of there each time, still feeling depressed only the difference was I was not only feeling depressed but broke as well after knowing that not only did I waste an hour of my life in their office but they just got paid to tell me nothing. They scribble in their little notepads while mumbling things like "yup, that's good, keep it up..mmmhmmm..." What is this? What form of help is this to anyone? None. So I come on here, I vent, I talk about nothing, I talk about something, I cry, I joke, I laugh, I spill my everlasting soul onto the keys of my keyboard to once again talk about the things that are going wrong. I sit up straight and type quickly in order to share the joys of my life...No matter what the reason I always feel like there is someone out there with a terrific response that pulls me through and keeps my head above the water. With a psychologist I feel as though I'm mentally drowning...With my family like I'm treading and wearing thin...When I'm on here I feel as though I'm drifting along, safe as can be wrapped in a life preserver. Does anyone else understand this feeling? Is it just me? Am I honestly crazy for thinking such things? Anyone who can relate, I would sure like to hear from you. Once again here is my thank you, from me to each one of you for the help that you have all given me. You have always been given me something to think about. Goodnight MyLot.
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
7 Mar 08
I use mylot that way quite often. I have a few specific friends who are always really good for me, but a LOT of people on mylot at this point have given me good advice or shared stories with me at this point. Pretty much everyone here knows about my PTSD, my health problems, my abusive history, my son's health problems... the list of things I've talked about goes on and on. I do actually see a very good therapist as well once in a while, but while I can't necessarily go to her at the very moment I need help, mylot is always here. Even when none of the people I know very well are online, I always seem to find someone willing to listen to me.
• United States
8 Mar 08
I'm glad that I am not the only one. I find that many on here seem to know my history by now as well. I post a lot about my children, especially the one that I lost a year and a half ago so a lot of mylotters are aware of that. I'm sorry to hear that you have had some problems to deal with as I do hope things get better for you but I am glad to hear that you have managed to find comfort and friendship. It is definitely a huge help. I understand just what you mean by saying what you did. Excellent point. Have a good day.
@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
7 Mar 08
Because mylot you come and you can speak your mind into a discussion.. You can evaluate things and brings out the best in you.
• United States
8 Mar 08
I think you're right about this. Good point.
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
8 Mar 08
You can do this with mylot or just blogging in general. I found that to be more therapeutic than going to any kind of therapist! I am glad you have received the help that you wanted and needed. So I totally know where you are coming from.