Your child is cursing. What would you do?

@clowdine (1402)
March 7, 2008 4:42am CST
It is usual for people nowadays to curse or swear and most people are indifferent about it. And a lot of times the adults are the ones cursing. What if you hear your own kids saying bad words? What would you do if you are also heard cursing? Would you consider stopping that habit just to set an example or you will keep cursing and just be mindful if they're around so you can stop them from cursing anytime? Or you won't care at all? Please tell me what you think.
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@ruthinian (2311)
• United States
7 Mar 08
My step-son usually curse (the teacher told us about it). I guess he hears that from his biological mom and learned it from TV that he is watching. My husband curse too from time to time and when he heard his boy cursed he was surprised, so I told him, you better stop cursing because it's not doing your boy any good. I tried to tell the boy that it's bad but he is autistic, so he won't listen.
@clowdine (1402)
• Philippines
7 Mar 08
It's really a difficult time for you to train a child with autism to stop cursing but I think his father's refraining from cursing and constant exposure to good children's program and to an environment that is free of bad influence; and praying for his improvement will help.