My Dad Might Have Liver Cancer! We Need As Many Prayers As You Can Give!?

United States
March 7, 2008 5:28am CST
My dad has been sick for about 2 months and I told him to go to the hosiptal to get checked. He refused. He has been a heavy drinker since I can remember and i am now 24 years old. He acually stop drinking about 3 months ago and this all started happening. His stomach enlarged, he retained so much water, he looked like he was having a baby. Well finally I begged him to go to the ER. He did. They said one of his lungs were collapsed, he had 12 liters of water in his belly, and his one lung was in water. They are draining him now. But the said that he is at risk for liver cancer, but they wont know until the do the biopsy. I am so depressed and i feel like I made hime go to th hospital and now I have to deal with all this bad news. But I saved his life. Please pray for him. The power of prayer is known to be the best healer.
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• Bahamas
7 Mar 08
it saddens me to hear about your father.having gone through it with my mother i know the power of prayer.just remember that god loves you and your family ,and no matter what happens he will strenghten you.remember prayer changes things and you and your family are in me and my family's prayers. GOD bless.