SUNDAY for me is.....

March 7, 2008 9:31am CST
Fill in the blank : SUNDAY for me is... SUNDAY for me is... time for relax in the morning, but time for preparation for the next day- MONDAY!!! It would be give me a new spirit to fill my days in the new week... Sunday is the day to refresh our boring for the last weeks... last days... Heheh... SUNDAY for me also is for the day when i should be presence in the church, grateful for the days that i passed, and all the things that i've done in the previous days... I would grateful to God, that He always guide me and my family so we still in good health... And pray to God to help for the next days working days, that maybe more challenging and more difficult than previous days.... How about you, mylot-ers?
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• United States
24 Sep 10
Sunday is always a lonesome , long day. Don't know why when it's always the same around here. I do get up & go to church which i look forward to & ENJOY BUT ONCE I GET HOME JUST SEEMS LIKE IT'S LONESOME. i DON'T SEE ANYONE MOST DAYS SO DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY SUNDAYS SEEM DIFFERENT.
@deedee30 (435)
• Spain
9 Mar 08
The only day I get to have a lie in.....
@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
7 Mar 08
Since the day God saved my soul from the miry clay and set me up on solid Rock, my Sundays will always be for the Lord. Oh how I wasted my sundays before but now It's God's!