Wireless help!

United States
March 7, 2008 12:41pm CST
If I buy a router to hook 2 desktops up, what else do I need to buy to get the internet to work? Is this all? I'm clueless about these things and could really use some "techie help". Do I need to buy wireless cards too? And if so, is there a certain kind that I need to look for for my computer?
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@chris1314 (787)
8 Mar 08
how are you on the internet now then? or are you at another computer? Its really really easy. All you need is the two desktops to be wireless enabled. If not you can get a wireless usb stick from ebay or somewhere for £15 for two, which will do both computers. From there you need to just plug your wireless router into the modem box, or whatever supplies your internet connection at the moment. then on your desktops search for a wireless connection, its normally the one with the highest signal bars! but if you know the name of it then that does help, just connect to that and away you go =] Chris
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
8 Mar 08
If the desktops you have aren't Wi-Fi enabled, you might need to get expansion cards to insert into those PCI slots of your desktops that would enable them to be Wi-Fi capable. Most of those would have antenna like parts. Computer shops often have those and you can inquire about the compatibility with your desktop as well as the router that you have ^_^ I hooked up our desktop with two laptops that are Wi-Fi enabled with a NETGEAR router. The desktop's connected through cable while the laptops aren't. Though I find the cable connection more stable.