Are all men such slobs!?!?!?!

United States
March 7, 2008 3:26pm CST
Today my boyfriend just to happen to be getting off work a whole 5 hours early, ugh. So I bring him home and he decides he wants some spaghetti. In the five minutes that it took him to boil some noodles, he managed to destroy the kitchen! Sauce spilled, trash bag just thrown in the trash can, huge pot of leftover spaghetti thrown in the sink. I clean up after this man on a neverending basis! And I find it quite difficult to keep up with him when he's home for long periods of time. Just last night he decided to throw a cigarette in a glass of juice. A glass of juice people!! And the ashtray was sitting right in front of him. At that point I decided that I'd leave the glass there until he did something with it. Well, one guess. It's still there and I'm sure it will be there throughout this weekend. Until I can no longer stand it and clean it up myself. Are all men this way? I know there has to be some regular guys out there that actually have somewhat of a clean bone in there body. I just don't understand why it's okay for you to live in filth! Or maybe I'm just overreacting. I know that I am a major germaphobe and also a clean freak. But I let this place go sometimes. I don't know. I just can't deal anymore and it's becoming a major turn off!
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• India
11 Apr 08
Background is what matters. My parents expect me to be clean and tidy and be organised. So I am. I have seen my Dad get things done by just being organised and being clean. It so happens that my friends whose fathers are neat and organised, induce the same habit in their sons and children, especially men. All men are not like that and it just depends on their personal habits. Now how to change the attitude is something which I cannot explain cos I have never have had a need to experience a change from an untidy and unorganized person, to a tidy one. bourne
8 Mar 08
I think that some men are worse than children! :) Seriously I've noticed that we are cleaner and ordered that men; I think that it dependes on education; if their mothers get them used to clean for them these could be the consequences.