Addicted to Spider Solitaire

@fhoebe (104)
United States
March 7, 2008 5:03pm CST
Spider Solitaire is a pre installed game which comes together when Windows is installed. I've been playing this game during my free time to stay away from boredom but I've been so addicted to it till I must play it everyday and everytime when I have a single minute, I'll start thinking of it. It's a nice game to use your brain a little to avoid it being asleep hehe.. Any of you who are addicted to this game as well? Are there any other nice games other than Spider Solitaire which makes u so addicted to it?
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@denzlot (56)
11 Mar 08
I was addicted to freecell years ago where I started to play it from the 1st until 1000 plus of the game and finally I got rid of it as I do think it's a waste of time and there are much more things to do than arranging the cards and wasting the time!