How much exercise is needed?

@fhoebe (104)
United States
March 7, 2008 5:25pm CST
How much exercise is actually needed by a person per week in order to stay healthy? Some experts advise atleast 3 times per week, some even more. Which type of exercise is most appropriate to stay in a good shape and being healthy? As I do find that some streching exercise do causes injuries and an excessive of exercise will cause our body to rely on it. If we stop doing it for a few days, we will gain back twice as much pounds as normal.What Do you think is most suitable?
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@denzlot (56)
11 Mar 08
I think atleast 3 times of 40minutes exercise per week will keep you healthy. Regarding which type of exercise is best, I would advise you to seek and personal trainer from the fitness center.