Do you think your wife is "mothering" you??

United States
March 7, 2008 5:57pm CST
I am an inquisitive person by nature. I ask questions. Lots of them, to everyone, not just my husband. But e gets all bent out of shape when I ask him anything. If I ask him how his day was or what he had for lunch, he thinks I am being nosy. If I ask him if he remembered to take his medication or does he want me to make him a snack while Im in the kitchen, He thinks I am mothering him. And if I ask what he's doing, or does he know when he is going to be home, he thinks I am controlling him. Really I am just asking the questions. Does your wife ask a lot of questions? And if she does, does it bothers you? I feel like I am just being interested in my husband, and the things that happen in his day. He thinks I am being nosy and trying to rule his life. Please, like my own life isn't enough to maintain in control, specially with a baby wreaking havoc. How would you feel about this??
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