Lent - prayer and resolutions

March 7, 2008 8:09pm CST
The Lent is a season for forty days. From Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. Prayer - to unite our mind to the suffering of Jesus. Fasting and Prayer strengthen the will and the soul. Come face with our own flesh and weakness. The mind is preoccupied with the daily struggle for material needs. Even basic needs seems to be a burden. Seek first the kingdom of God. Prayer and surrender. Embrace poverty like St. Francis. With joy be detached from world pleasures. The book of Proverbs will open our heart to what is righteous and wicked. It is time to examine once conscience, to look into the mirror of our soul and come out with a resolve to be holier and seek the will of God rather the acceptance of men. A life of prayer is to constantly think God is our constant companion. One with St. Therese - let every beat of my heart repeats this prayer a thousand times - the prayer of Love of God. Seek perfection to be alert every seconds to offer love for God. Time is our treasure to purchase eternity. Love is our weapon to conquer hopelessness and fear. A warrior of God, for the devil is more intelligent to seek ways to bring us to damnation. Wake up and cry unto God. Our days on earth is counted because evil has triumph. Seek the light of God's salvation that he offers us. The way to total freedom and a good life.
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