What's your quick Pick-Me-Uppers?

March 7, 2008 8:29pm CST
Two weeks ago, I fell sick again having a terrible cough, cold and fever. Blame it on the constant change of weather. This brought me to take a few days leave from work and having been down is not so easy as it seems. It was a long bout of fighting the colds and cough (or phelgm) that sent me to a temporary low. I'm sharing with you some of my quick pick-me-uppers which proved to be an effective cure, not only when I am sick but when I am down emotionally....well at least some psychologically! 1) Counting my blessings and thanking for all of them! Starting the day to count my blessings and thanking for all them including having those colds and cough gave me a positive boost and to rethink that my life is better. 2) Taking my daily dose of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Being sick always reminds me that my body is not functioning well to its fullest due to lack of essential items it needs thus I was back on track to check my diet to be healthy again as sometimes its hard for people so busy with their work. 3) Have plenty of rest and watch good movies or listen to good music As a person always on the go, I usually have less time for rest and recreation and this gave me to give importance to rest as my body was not coping with the stress its having. 4) Meet or communicate with friends Talking with you close friends and meeting up with long lost ones are sure way to boost your feeling. 5) Fix yourself and do your make up Even though your down with flu, colds or with cough doesnt mean you also have to look awful.. Cheer up and fix yourself well as if you are not sick! Well... these are just some and I can maybe list a hundred of my quick pick-me-uppers. What are your quick pick-me-uppers? What do you do when you are low?
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