Prison Inmates as Penpals?

United States
March 7, 2008 9:48pm CST
Ok so I was doing a web search on pen pals last night and to my surprise a prison pen pal site popped up. I was kind of shocked, I had no idea they did such things. SO ok I must admit that out of couriousity it some what peaked my interests so I started looking around on the site. It's actually legit. Would you ever write to an inmate in prison? I find actually giving a criminal my actual address a bit scary. But some of the stories were actually pretty sad. Inmates who have no contact with the outside world what so ever. But than you think that they did it to them self. so would you ever write to a perfect stranger that was in prison? I would never the whole thought is just so scary, like what if this person actually showed up at your house when they were released.
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• United States
8 Mar 08
I remember when I was a kid, my mom used to write a few guys that were in prison. I'm not sure how she went about doing it, but these guys were all in prisons far, far away from where we lived so thankfully the fear of them finding us easily wasn't there so much. More or less now, I'd be afraid of writing people that were in prison. Then, for some reason I'd feel more comfortable as it would take a lot more of them to come find you if they really felt like it.