Tell the Narcissus, Stop dreaming that I love you

March 7, 2008 10:17pm CST
Last night, my roommate told me a funny story about herself. When she was still in college, she had to contact frequently with a Students Council boy because of some working stuff. But the boy misunderstood. He wasted no opportunity to indicate my friend that he had no interest in her, or to show other girls how he suffered from such a pursuing. My friend didn't take it seriously until one day she suddenly found she was buried under so many rumors! You can imagine how shameful she felt. In fact, she was a rather beautiful and clever girl, while that boy had nothing to be proud of. People always make fun of his look by describing it as "reasonable". We never did that but also never had any good feelings towards him. "I must fight back!" she said,"Thanks to his narcissism, I become a big big joke." I agree. It doesn't matter if one thinks himself the best, but it is another thing to harm others. She was clever. One day, the Students Council had a dinner. On the highlight of the event, she complainted. She said there was a Narcissus always suspecting that she loved him, spreading rumors all around. "Very innocent, rather impressive." she commented to her performence that day. Her complaint triggered a hot discussion. Some tried to sooth her, some began to told their own similar experences. Everybody knew who the Narcissus was and he was right there at the same table. His face turned white, then red, but he still joked and laughed, pretending to know nothing about it.This made him seem even silly. After the dinner, she stopped him, said,"Do you know, I have been thinking these days, whether to tell that guy in the face..." "What?" "Stop thinking that I love him, and to dream some ordinary dreams. What do you think of my idea?" "What?" And he never spoke to my friend again. I think many of us have this kind of experience, what do you think of my friends idea, and what was/is your action?
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@olivemai (4738)
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20 Mar 08
That is so funny! I think maybe he was the one who had a "crush" on her! That is my thought if I ever hear that people are talking, thinking that kind of thing about me! The boy must have been in love with her!