have you ever fallen in love with someone who will soon be a priest?

March 7, 2008 10:18pm CST
i have a crush on one of my friends. unfortunately, that friend of mine will soon be a priest. well, who would not like such a friendly and caring person? he's so friendly and kind. he always compliments people on how good they are. he has a smile that can lighten my burden. we often chat on the phone. we text each other. but i know we can't be more than friends. he must pursue his vocation.
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@jen4kids (32)
27 May 08
No, but my gradparents met while my grandfather was in the seminary. He says the reason he left the seminary is because he fell in love with my grandma and knew that he was destined to dedicate his life to her, and serve God in another way. And so, they married, had 12 kids, 38 grandkids, and currently have 26 great-grandkids (and two on the way). All of whom were raised Catholic, and most of whom continue to live their lives through their Catholic beliefs.
• Philippines
31 May 08
actually, the guy(who is a seminarian) whom i fell in love with already left the seminary. he said that he left because of me. i hope we will stay together like your grandparents. thanks for your wonderful comment.