Jesus stripped of His Garment

March 8, 2008 12:23am CST
Jesus, they took off your clothes. You were crucified, naked and humiliated. They gamble on your clothes. Your wounds becomes more painful and more blood flowed out. Your blood flows like a river in endless stream. Lord, give me the courage to face life when all that I hold on to is taken away from me. My possessions, my job and relationships. When none is left to care for me. When I am alone, despised and abandoned by those I love. When all my endevours becomes worthless and I become invisible and faceless. Lord help me carry this cross. When people treated me with contempt and people hated me because I am poor. When people rejected me and return hate for my kindness. When my heart is filled with bitterness because of the ungratefull things people have done. Yes Lord it is hard to keep life going one when everythings is taken away from you, even your strenght and your youth. Teach me to carry the burden of poverty and abandonement. I feel like a tree without leaves. Shaken and stripped. I only have one hope, I am not alone, you are with me. Even if I should go through the shadow of darkness you will be with me. Faithful is your love. You are forever faithful even unto the end of this life. Your love help me endure the misery of being unloved, hated and belittled. I am precious before your eyes because I am your child.
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