A question about Wi-Fi internet hotspot connections on desktops

@BUSSY1979 (1284)
United States
March 8, 2008 12:23am CST
i have two computers in my home.I have a laptop and than a desktop. Well,naturally the laptop has a wireless modem or adapter,whatever in it to get connected to either wi-fi hotspots,or through a network connection,like business or your home wireless network. Well,i am wanting to connect my desktop computer to the wi-fi hotspot that is in our area.But i'm not sure if i could do that.I did find a pci card online at outletpc.com,and it is specially for desktops. But will it connect to the wi-fi internet hotspot?Dunno....That's what i'm trying to find out here tonight.I thought that i'd post about this here on mylot,and maybe get some help from ya'll. the pci card that i found there at outletpc.com is this link below you will find the one. http://www.outletpc.com/c6834.html there's the link to go to the site that has the pci card for the desktop on a wireless pci card.I thought about buying that for the desktop,and thought,well,wait a minute.if you buy that what if it doesn't connect to teh wi-fi network like on my laptop? This computer stuff is freaking me out. i hope that you all can help me here about this. I really do wanna get the desktop computer to have wi-fi internet access through wi-fi hotspots. thanks in advance.
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