Sleeping time

March 8, 2008 2:26am CST
If you not get time for sleeping what will happen to you???Explain me in datail becaue,i had never experianced that.....
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@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
10 Mar 08
When you do not get enough sleep your body starts to deterioriate and you end up having problems Health wise you might have never had. You also find yourself lethargic and motionless a lot of the time, and also a lot more moodier. They say the average person needs 6-8 hrs. sleep but the average person is really lucky to get that most nights. I know personally myself the nights I am able to get at least 6 hrs. sleep at any one time, I do feel the best and more relaxed, and ready to start my day. So a Good nights rest does do a body wonders.
@heathcliff (1415)
• United States
9 Mar 08
Without sleep the body starts producing the chemicals that regulate us in strange ways. In most people, anxiety, paranoia, depression, increased appetite with overeating and muscle weakness are not uncommon. Reaction time and balance start to suffer and eventually the senses, especially sight and hearing, will play amazing tricks on the mind. While it should be possible to survive without sleep, it would quickly become unpleasant for those around you and hazardous to your mental health. Sleep Specialist doctors could do a better job with the details.