March 8, 2008 4:38am CST
Have you encounter with students so smart that you don't know how they work those magic in studies? Something like the guy called Will Hunting in that movie Good Will Hunting? And how smart are they that make you so impress by them? I really want to know the world's smart people and see how great they are? Because sometimes, they are smart but are not least as a friend or admirer, mention their way of studying or stuff..we can share their talents..hehe..
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@f16583 (8)
• India
29 Mar 08
Hi there well frankly speaking i am not a ranked student , but i know some of the facts about intelligent students that 1 before going to studies just keep in mind that u are not merely studing but u are learning something that is already discovered and which will make u work on your job perfectly 2 if you r learning any theoritical subjects then catch the concept behind that and make short points and try to keep in those in mind b'cos human beings tend to rember the gossips or general talks between friends for a long time, so take your subjects as gossips and try to keep in mind and apply in your acamedic activities bye and all the best.......
• China
14 Mar 08
Tell you what, there are always students around me who often skip the classes and play computer games the whole night before the examination days and still get a high mark. Sometimes, I feel so imbalanced. Look, I work much harder than anyone of them does. I will carefully go over the exam materials before the exams, but I cannot get a higher mark than them! So what is the point of working hard. I once baffled. Later, I realised that there are smart people who need no extra efforts to gain what they want in study, such is god's will. I am also curious if there are some secret methods for them to achieve that high, but simply to find they just read and write like anybody else. If there is really any short-cuts, I would love the hear.