Reason of my wish to visit pakistan

March 8, 2008 6:26am CST
The name of my country is Bangladesh.I want to visit pakistan because of one i told first I am a man of Bangladesh.Do you people know which only country fight for save her language.Yes people language.Bangladesh is the only one country which was fight for language.Do you have any idea which country was our opposition.Pakistan was the country which was against our language.They claimed that URDU and only URDU will be our mother language instead of BANGLA.We were protest And they shoot us by their heavy arms.They shed BLOOD and TEARS of our people.Many of our Dhaka univisity student were killed and many unknown figure was killed by their army.After a bloody protest against them we save our language but in 1971 they attacked us for make us their slave.They exploited us killed us raped our women.IN 1971 night of 25th march they attacked us and killed lots of Bangali.After a 9 month war we woned our war and maked our independent country Bangladesh. you all know now what kind situations is pakistan facing.This country is going to distroy one day i beleive.Now come to the point,i want to visit pakistan i want to sdee its people i want to see its land because i belive one day it will be destroyed for its SIN.So before the distroy i want to visit it.
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