Indian English will conquer Globe

Indian English will conquer Globe - Indian English will conquer Globe.It would emerge as the ultimate Standard English.
@sadanand (191)
March 8, 2008 11:46am CST
English will fragment into "Global dialects" forcing speakers routinely to learn two varieties of language, the one spoken in their home country and a new kind of Standard English with pronounced Indian characteristics, a leading expert on English has said. The new Standard English, which would be understood globally, would be necessary if the growing ranks of English speakers around the world are to understand each other,,said Professor David crystal, one of the world's foremost experts and author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language. The new Standard English's likely Indian characteristics would signify the end of the primacy of American English.Future users of globla Standard English might routinely say"I am thinking its going to rain" rather than the British"I think its's going to rain" said crystal. In langauge numbers count. There are more people speaking English in India than the rest of the native English speaking world. Even now, if you ring a call centre, of it's an Indian voice you hear at the end of the phone. As the Indian Economy grows, so might be the influenc of Indian English.Because Indians tend to use the present continuous where we would use the present simple with an Indian saying"I am thinking,I am feeling, I am seeing" rather than "I think,I feel, I see" this way of speaking could easily be picked up and part of the global Standard English. Based on the above reasons do you justify that Indian English will conquer globe???????
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