What Do You Feel Makes You Better Than Others?

United States
March 8, 2008 5:40pm CST
Well, here I go again with my questions, the kind that seem like I suck to much out of you. Anyway, what do you feel makes you better than others? Be honest here. I'll answer first. I feel that I am more open minded than most people I know. So now you. What makes you better?
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@Modestah (11192)
• United States
11 Mar 08
is open minded ness an attribute? I do not feel I am better than others. though I am assuredly different than most. that which is good in me is not of my own doing that which is wicked in me is of my own doing and certainly nothing to brag about.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
8 Mar 08
I DON'T think I'm better than others, not normal ppl anyway.....I mean sure I have stronger parts than some ppl but I have weaker ones too than other ppl ya know...As for the "not normal" folks I feel i'm better than..well i feel that way because I AM..I dont abuse my kids, I dont abuse ppl period, I have class, morals, a conscience and so on...So yes I'm better than ppl like rapists, child abusers, racists, haters etc etc..but arent we all ;-)