Has Anyone ever heard of "The Private Millionaire" program?

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March 8, 2008 8:20pm CST
I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about the "Private Millionaire" program. The website doesn't give much information other than you paying $16 to join and $16 for the final product. It also tells you about a concept of helping businesses stay open. Has anyone made money with this? Who is the CEO? How does it work?
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3 Apr 08
You are paying for reports and evidently have to purchase 2 at $16 each and then 2 are free. It's a form of aussie 1-up / 2-up where you pay up to the person who referred you. After you do that, and are IN, you pay $18 a month for a website or a flat fee of $72 (I believe). Primarily you are selling .pdf files. Unfortunately most of these type programs offer files that can be easily found for free. There are red flags all over this page if you look for them. 1st off - unrealistic claims of income earnings, no contact information, no terms of service, no way to determine WHO is behind the site. $32 may not be a lot to you but it is to others.