The idea of tomorrow is keeping me awake!

United States
March 9, 2008 12:54am CST
Today (well, yesterday, because it is currently 1:45 am Sunday, March 9), I had a wonderful time watching a Shakespearean play called Love's Labour's Lost with a good friend. Earlier I had a bountiful lunch and dinner with my roommate. The night before well into that morning I had slept in the arms of my boyfriend. Usually I'm very easygoing about sleeping and have always been an early riser, but nowadays I worry I miss out on things if I go to sleep prematurely. Two nights ago I slept for barely 4 hours because I had an exam early that morning which I knew would be very straightforward, but I worried about anyway. I worry about neglecting my family members for my University friends but I can't bear to go home more often than I have to because I never see eye-to-eye with my father anymore, who has hurt my family in the past. I am conscious that every moment I waste the people I am competing with for grad school are possibly getting ahead. The time I sleep gets shorter and shorter unless I take the time to exhaust myself the night before. I'm only 21 and I know I don't necessarily have to worry about waking up tomorrow as much as my elderly grandparents do or even my parents for that matter. I would just like to know if anyone, out there, feels the same way and what they do about it. Thanks.
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