How many Tats do you have?

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March 9, 2008 4:56am CST
I have 3 and have earned everyone of them. I believe they should be earned not just an assessory. Your thoughts? Ainge
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
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9 Mar 08
I have two right now but am getting more this yr...sadly alot of the work done is going to be expensive and thats money I havent had so every time I PLAN to get work done I can't afford it LOL THIS YR however its non-negotiable LOL.... I dont think tats need to be "earned" by any means but I think they should hold significant personal meaning to the person who gets them rather than doing it on a whim ya know.......Tats are NOT fashion statements and I really dont care for ppl who treat them as such in all honesty
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23 Apr 08
I meant by "earned" is by what you survive. I agree, not on a whim. I forget how I say things, often others don't know what I mean unless I explain, however the one on my shoulder is is a ranking, I did earn it and I am dang proud of it. hehe. The other two were earned through life. Good luck on your tats, I have 2 more to get. One is a backplate and then I get the Divinity on my other arm.....woohooo. Ainge
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