March 9, 2008 5:53am CST
For girls to have their first time, involve breaking their about guys? is there any special things that changes in a guys to mark that they lost their virginity beside after inserting their little brother to a girl?
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@carinio98 (2935)
• Philippines
4 Apr 08
i conclude that boys are not a virgin anymore if they have a big (toooo toooottttt)..... in my opinion only.
• United States
10 Mar 08
yes, they start emitting a neon green glow around their bodies for months after the fact.
• Malaysia
10 Mar 08
Are you curious to find out whether you are a virgin ?? haha As for guys, i think its only the mindset. Actually, people are born unique . Different hormone level, heritage factor and environment factor will cause people to diversify from each other even more. There is no definate way to determine a virgin from those who are not.