Am I the only one who thinks that the new album is too soft?

March 9, 2008 9:23am CST
I don't like the new album, where is the old Linkin-Park-sound? Pushing, forceful and fat? The new cd is more for the ladies needing someone to cuddle. It's just .. you know .. doft! It's not that they're bad.. the ideas of their songs are pretty cool but the force is missing. It sounds just thin. Have you heard "What I've done"? I bet you did! After the intro I was expecting a pure wall of heavy sound and I was disappointed by the missing deep c guitar.. Man they have enough to guitars since Shinoda plays one too. But all I hear is some octave-play like someone has cut of the low strings. And that applies for the other songs too.. like kindergarten.. =(
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• Canada
9 Mar 08
I know how you feel...I said the exact same thing when I first listened to their new album. I was disappointed as well. I was expecting this great album yet nothing!! I have a feeling it is because of Chester's voice. He can't scream like he used to. I tend to listen to their old albums now more than their new album. They are not my favourite anymore :(
• Germany
9 Mar 08
Same here.. I added Hybrid Theory and Meteora back to my winamp playlist =/
@dexterlab (458)
31 May 08
[b][u]well i think that the linkin park akbum is not that too much soft as you were saying i think that the new album minutes to midnight is awesomre it has very beautiful song like what i have done and leave out all the rest.....
@emotions (22)
• Egypt
12 Mar 08
no it is not just you my friend the album is really what i expect from linkin park i wanted something more from the nu metal ;) i really hope the next album wont be like m2m and linkin park prove in it that they are the best band ever ;)
• Canada
10 Mar 08
well, im a girl so i cant say i dont like the new cd, but i agree linkin park use to be alot harder and now they've softened somewhat. theres always a time period where the writers have a softer version of their music, give it time and they normally bounce back to the heavier stuff. Aleast thats my opinion!