Answered Prayers

March 9, 2008 12:20pm CST
I was looking back at my journal the other day when I read about my prayers years back. It brought tears in my eyes to realize that God answers my prayers in His perfect time. Years back I had to work away from my son and I always end up broken hearted every Monday to see him crying whenever I leave for the week. I always prayed then that God would give me work where I could be with my son and hug him everynight. And now after more than 5 years, altough it takes me to travel 2 hours everyday to go to work, I go home everyday to my son and hug and kiss him. I know there are other simple prayers that that God have answered. As simple as having to have a seat in the bus - he always answered prayers true to the heart. He does! How about you? What prayers have been answered? How long did it take?
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