Do you know why you eat?

March 9, 2008 3:21pm CST
Food is actually the oil and strenth of life. But the question is why do we eat? and how do we eat?Are we realy leaving to eat? or eat to leav? are we better when we eat or are we worst when we dont? First let me start by why do we eat: We eat to keep our body alive. Life is not all about eating as some people eat away there future. We are to eat when necessory and what is necessory, some people eat what they dont need eating and the same time they kill there self slowlly. The life we are leaving is not to eat (as some people call it enjoyment. That is to say we dont leave to eat.Think of it the other way,we must eat, as food is the the oil of life, for that reoson we eat to leave. In simple illustration car is not made for oil but oil for car,as fuel is the strentht that moves car, so food is also the energy or strenth that moves us.In summery WE EAT TO LEAVE AND NOT LEAVE TO EAT.
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