How to play drum for newbie

March 9, 2008 10:12pm CST
I want to play drum but I don't know how to start ? Are there any condition for me to learn drum and what should i learn first?
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@Chimecie (31)
10 Mar 08
If you want to be a rock drummer, I propose you learn how to play fast notes, as rock beats generally uses a lot 16th notes and 32th notes ( drumrolls etc.) Aside from that, you'll learn your way. Then feel the beat. Goodluck ! :)
• Vietnam
11 Mar 08
in playing drum,u have to use both of hands and foots ,separated ur mind to control hand and foot.But how to do that ? I don't understand this point???
@Corgar (29)
25 Apr 08
simple, get a teacher. helps lots.
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
10 Mar 08
Well, I can't say that this would be a condition to consider when playing the drums but, aside from going along the rhythm that you want when you play the drums, always try to relax so that you won't hold the drum sticks too stiffly so that it won't result into injuries when you really get into the music while playing it ^_^ Aside from that, enjoy ^_^