Why are innocent people also affected by other people's mistake?

@wrangel15 (1443)
March 9, 2008 11:06pm CST
Civilians are killed by wars, unborn children are aborted and citizens suffer because of government's bad decisions. These are just some instances where people suffer caused by the consequence of other's decision. In most cases, we think that it's unfair. We ask, "why are these happening to us?". Is there really a God? If He has the power above everything, why is He allowing these to happen? What do you think? This is a big question that lingers in my mind before. But then, I have read an article and it explained to me why. I was enlightened and have understood the reason why... Just imagine if in everything we do, and in every mistake we commit we are the only ones who face the consequences. The time you're facing the consequence, people would not help you because they will think it's your fault anyway. "If it's your fault then you should learn on that," people would think. But then, when we suffer also because of other's mistakes, people would have the reason to help and care for us. Base from the article I have read, I have known that people would not really care or help if we are the only ones who suffers the consequence of our mistakes. As social beings, God has designed us in a way that we will care and help each other. :)
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@daeckardt (6245)
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10 Mar 08
I agree with your statements here. We are social beings and should care about each other. So many times people will just say it is someone else's problem so why should I worry about it? They might say that if there was a God that he wouldn't allow things like that to happen. But it is people who do bad things and people have free will.
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