Which one would you choose?

March 10, 2008 1:39am CST
If you have to choose between you carrier, ambition or your family which one do you give more importance. I came to this topic when I read about women who is fulfilled but not happy with her family. Carrier women is a very tough job many things to sacrifice sometimes even your own self. I know many mom who is working they have many loads in their mind, family, pressure in their job but still fighting because it's for her families future. But many of their love one doesn't understand them. They keep on pushing her, pressuring her to the limit. Until the time she want to give up, surrender but who she want to stay in her life their carrier or her family? Do she have to choose between the two? If you want to know what my opinion with it then I have to balance first all my decision if my husband will take care of our financial needs and everything that I can when I'm still working I will decide to stop working and do my responsibility as a mother and wife to them. But if he can't then I have to keep working for our future they have to understand it of our own good because I did it not for myself but for them. Life now is very hard and complicated I do my responsibility as wife and mother to them as I could but they have also must understand me that I have to help to work for their benefits. We must try to understand and help each other to reach our goal in life I am not ambitious as some of women does but I know what is lacking as a family women. What they want me to do wait in the house with out doing anything I can to help when I see what's going on. Very hary isn't it.
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@youless (95280)
• Guangzhou, China
13 Mar 08
Needless to say, I will choose my family. My family is the most important in my life because it can not be bought by money. Whereas money can probably buy to have a good job and succeed am ambition. I work hard everyday for my dearly family.
@iamzhh (139)
• China
10 Mar 08
no one can answer this question without the words "if...then...". So it seems difficult to be answer but in fact it's simple. if the income of my family is enough when I needn't work I choose my family else I choose my carrier end if The key is, how much is "enough". Maybe $1.5 million a year LOL