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@bayness0 (281)
March 10, 2008 4:00am CST
This can only happen in the UK. Today's headline news is the massive (worst of the Winter) storm that is lashing out Country. So far 170 people have been evacuated from a Caravan Park. Some Flooding may (and I repeat may) occur. Several Roads are Blocked. A few trees have been blown down. 10 flights diverted from Gatwick. Some flights cancelled. This is headline news in the UK. National radio stations are discussing the latest incidents. As an aside if it snows all our trains stop running and the schools close. My question is - do you live in a Country where where the most minor make the National headlines?
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@paid2write (5202)
10 Mar 08
I am in the U.K. with the wind and the rain hitting my windows as I write! There was a similar storm about a year ago and it did some damage to South Parade Pier in Southsea where I live. The pier was left left without any glass in the roof over the entrance and remained in a state of disrepair throughout the summer. It is only now being renovated, work began just before the arrival of this latest storm!