is our water safe!!!!!!!!!

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March 10, 2008 6:09am CST
Ok so I watched this story on the news this morning. Ok so they are saying that after we take medicine that what our body does not absorb goes down to toilet. So here is my question? People that have cancer and my boss had cancer is the only reason I thought about this. His wife was not allowed to use the same toilet as him while he was going through is treatments because of radiation. So all that gets flushed right. Is that also something we have to worry about showing up in our drinking water now? What else are they not telling us about being in our water? And they say bottled water comes from the same source as our tap water. I know they have to tell us where the water is bottled and where it comes from so I have been looking at that on the bottles Such as Diasani (sp) is bottled with cincinnati drinking water so why buy it if I can get the same water from my tap.
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@dtroas (481)
• United States
10 Mar 08
Good discussion, It will be real interesting to see what others think on that. I do not drank the water here at my home much do to it being so wet it is muddy! But did get me a filtering system.
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• Philippines
11 May 10
the best thing to have a clean drinking water is to boil it at least five minutes, this will be enough to decontaminate and kill the bacteria that resides in it.