if you could change the law

@mrpippo (756)
United States
March 10, 2008 10:18am CST
If you were given an opportunity to change any of our country's laws ,which law would you change and why ??????
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10 Mar 08
I dont think there is just one law out there that I would change because at the end of the day I think personally that alot of them are bad and make no sence but then like everything in life someone always has a different opinion to you and that why we dont all agree on things. If I had a chance though to change one rule it would be the Jail term LIFE. nat the moment when someone gets sentenced to this it does not mean that will be i their the rest of their life and i think this is wrong, there are many crimes out there that I think people should never see the light of day again. How about you what would you change?