What is The Best Thing in THis WORLD!!!

March 10, 2008 12:42pm CST
to me i feel that the best thing in this world is to LOVE the LIFE we have. i have found many times we just cant see wat we have and wish to get which we dont have. the day when we start loving our life with whole heart we would feel the best!!!! wat do you say freinds? what is the best thing in this world according to you??
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@Jamian (2605)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
The Best thing in this world is money, money makes the world go round, with money you can express more love to others because you can help others and you can show them your appreciation, we cannot compare love and money, but through the use of money in right purpose, money is a good thing.
@aorgaeni (125)
• Singapore
12 Jul 08
I'm totally agreed what you said. We should love the life what we have. But sometimes we love the things out of our boundry.We don't care nearby our place.Wondering for what we don't have. So we can't be peaceful all the time. We are thinking of someone who really doesn't care. But we neglect who really loves to you.If we change the things that we love the life what we have, we can be happy for rest of our life.