United States
March 10, 2008 11:50pm CST
One thing that I'm not sure how to explain to our children today and to our children's children tomorrow is the wars going on. I mean this is Killing children around the world. Why can Our leaders look at the world in another way? Do we have to fight each other? This is morden days it is better not to talk to a person that upset you for a while until your anger is gone than killing their families and more. I feel so sad and terrible for the children in Middel east. For sometime now I have not had courage to watch news. It is blood everyday. I hope that this easter christians, muslems, whatever, they call it if you are one join in speaking out for the children. lets start saving the world. Africa is just about copying what is going on in middle east most of them now are fighting, wars is no good .
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