what job would you want to have?

March 11, 2008 12:18am CST
I am working as an accountant in a call center and english language school right now. I adore my job. Its just that if given a chance I would rather choose to be in the EDUCATION field, Teaching and handling a class. How about you? do you like your job? or if given another chance you would go after a new career?
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11 Mar 08
I am working in an export import compnay. Most of the times I feel the work wich i am doing if I do it for my own compnay or Firm then i will be more dedicated and will reach to the more heights!! after all in business sky is the limit. we can work as much we want in our own style and way. but most important thing is should have the courage to take the risk should be ready to make losses also. Doing job is good if job is creative and where we are satified with wat we are getting.
11 Mar 08
I currently have a job as a PA and I hate it I get treated like I am a dogs body and at the end of the day I do have to wonder how they would cope with having to do all their own dirty work. My ideal job would be starting my own jewllery business. I spend many hours at the moment making jewllery that I sell at partys and at car boot sales however I would love to open a shop where I sold it and also could sell the beads a equipment that you use to make your own. Dont think this is going to happen though as even the small shops around here to sell are not cheap to rent, but never mind it is always nice to have a dream
@adcab81 (65)
• Philippines
11 Mar 08
I want to do alot of things. I want to have my own business, it could be a restaurant, a fashion retail store, a school, or a business center. I want to be in photography, this is my artistic side. I want to be a scuba diver, because I love being underwater all the time. I want to be a fitness trainer, teach capoeira, yoga, and pilated. I also want to be a psychologist because I am good at psychoanalysis. I have alot of interests and believe me, there are alot more. However, they always say 'so many things to do, so little time', so I do my best with my time for my benefit and those around me.
@catmint (628)
• Singapore
11 Mar 08
I finally know what it feels like to like my job after working over 13 years. But this isn't what I really wanted, it's just a job, something that pays bills and feeds the family. My dream would be to be a freelance photographer, travel the globe to capture the beauty of mother nature.