What is the difference between Malaysia and Singapore

March 11, 2008 6:13am CST
As you know that malaysia and singapore is relatively close, and also the diversity of the people and the food almost the same. What is the difference?
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• Philippines
29 Sep 10
Singapore is a mixture of Chinese, Malay, British and India traditions. Malaysia is generally Malays and Indians...
• Indonesia
25 Apr 13
Yes, but Singapore is likely more a "Chinese" nation than Malaysia, because the 75% Singapore's population is Chinese or those who have Chinese ancestry. (composition of 14% are Malays, 9% are Indians, remains are other ethnic such as Whites, Middle Easterns, Japanese, Koreans etc). Yes, Malaysia is merely ethnic Malays dominated (the natives), but also significant Chinese and Indians. There are many China town and Little India in both Malaysia and Singapore. They've become the parts of tourist destinations, so enjoy it.
• Singapore
12 Mar 09
Singapore was one of the Malaysian states as late as the 1960's before they were kicked out, and eventually establishing their own sovereign state. As for the differences, here's a few. 1. Singapore's population, though a melting pot, consist mainly of Chinese migrants, and Mandarin or Chinese as they call it now, is the dominant language. Malaysia's population on the other hand is mostly Malays, and they speak the Malay language. 2. Singapore's population is mostly bilingual(English being the second language), while a lot of Malaysians can't speak English. 3. Malaysia is an Islamic state, Singapore is not.
@fren45 (898)
• Malaysia
20 Feb 09
Food,culture and people are mostly the same compared from malaysia and singapore . So I don't find any problem for me to travel to Singapore.
• Singapore
6 Feb 09
Shopping wise, in Malaysia, it's cheaper to buy things there, although in recent years, some shopping malls in KL is functioning more like Singapore malls as thery are targetted at Singapore visitors to Malaysia. Crime wise, the Singapore streets are safer than Malaysia's because being a small island, it's easier to control the sercurity level of Singapore. Taxi in Malaysia frequently do not follow the meter and the passengers may need to negotiate for a price to their destination. Singapore taxi's never do that as it is against the law and people in Singapore are very "brainwashed" to follow the law.
@dik_an (475)
• Malaysia
5 Feb 09
The food is almost the same, but Malaysia has more variety than Singapore. The people in Malaysia speaks Malay language as their formal language and English as the second language, the other languages are Chinese, and Tamil language. Moreover, because Malaysia is larger than Singapore, Malaysia has more tourists points than Singapore, Malaysia has various beach, mountains, lakes, ect. Singapore is famous with good quality of education many students admire to get scholarship there, but it's very difficult to get it. On the other hand, Malaysia has one goal to be the first student destination in Asia this few years so that it's easy for foreigner to study there.
@masata (408)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 09
I have been there several times. The different is a lot I guess. Malaysia is Malay-dominated population whereas Singapore is Chinese-dominated population. Malaysia consists of a smaller regions, some of those regions are governed by Sultan. Singapore consists of district only. Malaysia still belongs to the main continent of Asia while Singapore is a separate Island. It is cheaper to live in Malaysia as compared to Singapore.
@abarrojr (85)
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
Though both territories used to belong to single country known as Federation of Malaya, there are still some differences between the two countries. In terms of land area, Singapore much much smaller than Malaysia. In terms of produce output, Singapore has virtually none, as they import produce from Malaysia since land in Singapore is essentially commercial. In terms of tourist spots, singapore has all man-made tourist spots while Malaysia has a lot of them
@yvonnee (23)
• New Zealand
12 Mar 08
I think there is a very big difference. In Singapore the people are very businesslike and although they are friendly it seems to be a friendliness that they have been taught in order to help their economy with tourism. In Malaysia things are not so clean and orderly and things seem a little chaotic but the people are genuinely friendly. In Singapore a taxi driver will tell you all about the city and what a good place Singapore is - in Malaysia they are more likely to share about their family and everyday things.
@maximax8 (27048)
11 Mar 08
Singapore is a small island that has an area of city, suburbs where the people live typically in apartments then there are a few beaches and a national park. It has an old hotel called Raffles, the Orchard Road shopping area, a bird park and a man made beach with palm trees. International food is available in Singapore. The people are Singaporeans. There is a strict law and harsh fines for doing the wrong thing. I think there is a fine for feeding a monkey. Changi Airport is possibly the best in the world. Malaysia is a larger country situated over a causeway from Singapore. It has a capital city called Kuala Lumpur. It has highlands, beautiful beaches and islands off both sides of its coast. I have been to Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Mersing and Tioaman Island. There is more open space and not as harsh rules. More traditional food is available in Malaysia. The people are Malaysian and they look just like Singaporeans.