ask a stranger for money with a little abruptness

@sophialin (2678)
March 11, 2008 8:18am CST
have you ever done such thing? i have. it was in the morning one day.i was hurry to catch up with a train which would start to another city. unluckily,i missed it and i had to take coach,which cost me twice instead.the problem was i didn't have enough money as well as time. what could i do then? time was very urgent! finally i did something even surprise myself.i walked straight to a man,stood in front of him,and asked him that whether he could give me some money,not much,10 rmb was enough.i preteded to be normal and kindly. he was a little surprised at first but give the amounts to me soon without question closely. then it was my turn to be surprised.however,i left soon after said thanks to him as no time left. everytime i recall it,i feel moved by the stranger i met,also by the nice thing in human nature. have you ever ask a stranger for money like me or some similar experience? what would you do if you were the person who is ask for money by a stranger imprudently?
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• China
11 Mar 08
that is the only way you can get enough money in such a urgent,i think i will not have that courage to ask a stranger for money. but to be true,i will probably not so easy to give money to a stranger because there are so many cheaters who make use of your mercy at the moment.for example they will ask you for money to buy food because they have not had dinner for days,well ok maybe i will not give them money,but i will buy food for them myself if it is really as what they says.that is the deal,sometimes we can not judge whether it is true or not.
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@sophialin (2678)
• China
14 Mar 08
i understand what you mean.actually,i'll do the same with you.thus i'm a lucky one. if it rehappens to me,i'm not sure i have the courage again.
• China
22 Mar 08
haha,thank you so much,I am so glad to receive my first best respond.thanks a lot.
• United States
23 Jul 08
I have never really found myself in this sort of situation. Im not sure why but i have this fear of talking to random people. I usually give homless people ciggs but never money. Hopeing that one day if Im ever in dire need for a cigg people would lend me one. Its nice to know that people are kind to other people in times of need.
@shana123 (2096)
• India
23 Jul 08
No i havent come across such a situation in my life.I always have more than enough money in hand when i leave outside. But i cant just imagine what would i have done if i were in your situation , anyways you have built all your courage together to ask some stranger to lend some money.i have seen many people coming and asking money to go their place as they have lost their money by some simple thefts my parents always asked me to be aware of these cheaters so i will simply look into their eyes whether they are speaking truth or just one among the cheaters.