what are the most important qualities of a person ?

March 11, 2008 3:38pm CST
do you think honesty,bravery,intelligence,loyalty, kindness are important qualities ? which other would you like to state and which one of them is the most important of all ? which of them do you lack and would like to have ?
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• Philippines
12 Mar 08
i think you cannot single out which one qualities is important. one cannot function without the other, and it depends on the situation which qualities will actually shine. example, a fire fighter should have bravery to go up the burning building to save a boy/girl trap inside it...honesty doesnt play in that scenario, some intelligence yes, loyalty not much yes, kindness some. a nurse should have kindness as the top quality, a writer should have intelligence, so on so forth lolz
@klaudyou (501)
11 Mar 08
For me, the real nature of human and the most important virtue is wisdom. Or intelligence, as you said...only they are slightly different. Wisdom also includes some experience in life and thoughts, not only capacity. Well, if one is wise, one could choose carefully the other virtues one might demonstrate, and the choice would be pertinent, since it's a well thought thing. It's not that important to be good, kind, loyal...and so on, in certain situations, but you must be wise on every occasion you have....and on the occasions you don't have, too...as a figure of speech.