Starting A Pregnancy Resource Center In My Community

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March 11, 2008 5:01pm CST
I come from a small community in the middle of Alaska. It's nothing huge, and nothing to really be talked about (except for the fishing and hunting industries) and I've noticed a need for something very important. When I was pregnant, I went to the only resource center around and they were a city away, and there really wasn't much that they could offer. Then I got the idea to start up my own center. I've been researching how to become a non-profit organization, and I understand about all of the papers, filing for incorporation, and the 501c3 paperwork required to be recognized as a tax exempt organization. However, we're having a really difficult time doing all of it and it seems like we will HAVE to have a lawyer no matter what. And we don't have any money for a lawyer and from what we understand, we can't legally begin fundraising until after we're recognized as an organization. We're very lost and feeling very discouraged! Please help!
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11 Mar 08
I'm not sure how large Pregnancy Recourse Center is as an organization, but in Oregon there are quite a few of them under one organization. If they aren't in Alaska right now, you might want to look online for the phone number of headquarters or main office or something and call and talk to them about your wanting to open a new center in your area. They've been around a while so they should be able to tell you what steps to take and help you get going. Good luck, I'm a huge supporter of PRC, unfortunately can't give much money, but I'm behind you all the way.
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