Ever tried making a unique?

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March 11, 2008 5:22pm CST
Have you ever tried making a unique cake that takes more than the mix and a pan? I am currently in the middle of making a fire truck cake. So far it's turning out good. Let me know about your experiance's and any cute/neat ideas you have.
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11 Mar 08
I haven't made anything unique, but I love to bake and am taking an interest in "unique". I just bought a book on how to make different "fun" cakes, but I'd love to know how to make a fire truck one. (My husband is a fireman.) Let me know how you make out with it and, if you wouldn't mind, point me in the direction of some instructions.
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@Samanthavv (1386)
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12 Mar 08
I've tried to before, but it never turns out well. I didn't know you were supposed to freeze the cakes, and I can never get them to actually come out of the pan in one peice, no matter how much oil I spray on the pan! Please, if you know how to get them out of the pan, share that information! I would love to know because I have been dealing with that pesky little problem for years!! Most of the time when I make "cakes" I just make cake batter, pour it into ice cream cones, bake them and frost them. If I'm feeling extra nice, I add sprinkles. They're serving size cakes! Woohoo. And they always look unique and cute. I've seen people form them into castles and stuff too, but I'm too afraid of screwing it up to actually attempt to do that much with it.