Cheap ways in getting married

March 11, 2008 8:47pm CST
My friend wants to get married but is limited in the money she can spend. I think her budget is around the 5,000 dollar mark. I know that they where looking at hiring a hall and having it all catered for but that worked out to expensive. Does anyone know of any cheap ways for getting married? Or to atleast keep costs down to a minimum?
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12 Mar 08
I had a wedding for around 1500.00, but it might not be the kind your friend is interested in. I bought my dress and my brides maid dress on e bay. My husband and best man made up for the saving there because they had to have new boots, hats, shirts and matching jackets. They went western. But it looked really good. We also had our wedding at a bed and breakfast. They took care of the site, flowers, cake, wedding, and our honeymoon was included. I could have ten guest at the one I chose. we also received toasting glasses, horse drawn carriage ride, dinner, and few little odds and ends. The wedding at the B&B only cost around 800.00 and included all that. I know that most B&B's can also accommodate more people, upgrade your flowers and cake, hire a caterer, photographer, and D.J. that all will raise the cost substantially. She can look on line or call and find out how much they will charge her. In the off season months she might even find one that would work with her on the cost. If this isn't an option for her she can save money by making her own flowers for the decorations and bouquet. Having a pot luck dinner, Having the reception and wedding at someone's house. Flying to Vegas and doing it there or going to Jamaica and getting married at couples. Have her check out I hope those suggestions help. Best of luck to your friend I hope her wedding is everything she wants it to be.