Age limit to drive

@Courtom (288)
March 11, 2008 10:58pm CST
In Canada the legal drinking age is 19. And you can start driving (earning your license) when you are 16. Is it too early of an age? Do you agree/support the upcoming ideas of bumping the age to 18, or would that hinder young adults in final high school years, post-secondary applications, commuting to work and school, and would the close 19 year old drinking age result in more drinking and driving? What should be done? If the driving age is bumped to 17 or 18, should the legal drinking age be bumped to 20 or 21?
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@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
12 Mar 08
I think that most 16 year olds are mature enough to handle the responsibility of driving. The reason most young people get in accidents anyway is due to inexperience. So if you move the driving age to 18, you're still going to have a lot of inexperienced 18 year olds driving and getting in accidents. I don't know about Canada, but where I live you can legally apply for a worker's permit when you're 15, yet most employers won't hire anyone under the age of 16. It makes sense that the legal age to start driving is around the same as the age to start working. And 16 seems to be the appropriate age to be ready to take on that kind of responsibility.
@Courtom (288)
• Canada
12 Mar 08
I agree with you, I felt mature enough at my age to take on the responsibility, and feel it would limit me immensely in getting to school. I see a lot of kids (more boys then girls) at the highschool, speeding, doing burnouts, and getting into accidents. There have been so many bumper to bumpers, poles, collisions etc. its immaturity, and a combination of them wanting to show off their mom's van? lol