do you remember your dreams ? do you believe that dreams mean something ?

March 12, 2008 8:31am CST
i used to remember each morning what i dreamt about but now i hardly recall what the dreams i had were about . do you remember your dreams ? what was the strangest or scariest dream you ever had ? do you believe that dreams are a way of predicting things ? do you believe that they hide some secret messages that not many people can descifre ?
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@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
12 Mar 08
Dreams are from your subconscious mind. As we sleep our brains are ticking over trying to sort out the myriad of information that we have absorbed during the day, as well as all the emotions etc. I went through a period of having a lot of dreams and remembering them (especially the nightmares - groan) but in general I don't remember my dreams once I have woken up, although sometimes I do remember them as I am beginning to wake up... Some people dream in colour. My boyfriend has loads of dreams that he remembers and they are in colour, which is unsual. There are hundreds of books on this subject and I think sometime dreams can be used for prediction purposes but only in a general sort of way.
• Moldova
12 Mar 08
my dreams are also in colour just that i cant really remember what they were about . i would love to remember them and try to figure out what they mean . i know there are various books on the subject :)