What would you do if you were sued in small claims for a debt....

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March 12, 2008 6:01pm CST
that you did not know you had in your name? If "proof" was requested and not received and you get a officer at the door with a formal complaint, you answer the complaint and say "I need proof" The court calls for a hearing. You represent yourself (cant' afford lawyer) What kind of questions, items etc... do you bring up in court?
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12 Mar 08
If possible I'd send them a letter by certified mail (they have to sign for it) asking for proof or information on why they are claiming that I owe money. I would also call and/or go into their office if possible. If they refused to provide proof or information I would tell the judge that they refused to provide information. Having a recept for sending a letter by certified mail helps here. You may be able to get a subpoena or some kind of paperwork requiring them to provide you with proof.
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15 Mar 08
Thanks, that has already been done. I'm waiting for an response.